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Hello and Welcome to Road to Taste!

Thanks for stopping by and taking some time and interest in knowing about us.

Let us try to take you on a journey that’s full of twist and turns, excitement and above all, a love story!

We are Vishu and Saumya! We shared the same college in our hometown during our engineering course and that’s when destiny brought us together. Although we crossed each others path in the year 2008, we never interacted with each other. 3 years gap seemed too much for any conversation! Few years passed and Saumya became the office bearer of one of the cultural activities club headed by me when she was in 1st year. She approached me for some guidance and the rest as they say is history!

Year 2012 was an amazing and important year in our love story. I used to work in Bangalore and visit our hometown most often to meet Saumya! It took us two years to know each other completely before we decided to take our relationship to the next level and break the news to our families. But, as they say, love marriages in India are still a very difficult and distant affair. Both the families should love and accept each other before the two souls can be one. After rigorous efforts and perseverance by us, especially Saumya, we were finally able to convince our families and got married on 25th January, 2015.

Road to Taste

U … Me … aur … HUM

We are a couple with very similar and very different interests and habits at the same time. Let us list the common ones first. Passion for traveling, love for food and craziness for movies was what brought us together. We used to share our interests with each other in our long distance conversations. We both love to travel, be it road trips, train journeys or flights, all we need is to get out of our routine and head somewhere. We came to know that we both have traveled almost our entire nation, with our family and friends. We both love to eat food, right from street food to fine dine to buffet, anything served to us is worth tasting. We both can sit through any movie, no matter how boring it may be, at any hour of the day, or for that matter night!

The opposites included the love for cleanliness by Saumya and I had lived the perfect bachelor life of a boy. She being a nocturnal, I love to sleep all night. She loves to click and my forte is kalam ki taaqat (writing). She talks a lot and I am the silent types. She is bubbly, chirpy and full of joy,  I usually act mature, sometimes grumpy!

Road to taste

Bali … Here we are!

After we got married we had our first international trip to Bali and soon after we were found in Ladakh. The journey never stopped as we covered almost 7 major tourist attractions with long leaves in just 4 months. We completed 1 year of our marriage within no time and our life was full of travel stories from India and beyond.

Road to taste

Ladakh… Here we are!

Just when we completed our 1st year of marriage and celebrated it in the magnificent Festa de Diu, we decided to share our stories and experiences with the world through RoadtoTaste.  After 3 months of preparations and design-sessions we launched our website on 10th of April, 2016,  that being my birthday too!

Road to taste

Vishu … Saumya

Since the launch, we have received enormous love and warmth from our friends, well wishers and all you readers and we thank you for that! We try to share our travel and food stories with all of you in the most purest form. We want all of you to take some time out for yourself with your loved ones and explore the world.

Trust us, if we are able to do this with a full time job, you can definitely too! Plan it out and hit the road, taste the local cuisines, meet different people. You will return home as a different person with some experience and stories to share with the world.

Road to Taste is all about our roads traveled, food tasted and experiences garnered!

Thank you once again for taking some time out to go through our story, hope you like it.

Happy Traveling and Happy Hogging!

Loads of love!

Vishu and Saumya